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Introducing The SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals

SVS SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals provide a strong and stable electrical connection between speaker cables and binding posts, AVRs and multi-channel amplifiers. Excellent for use with SVS SoundPath One Cables, or those from other brands, SVS SoundPath terminals are easy to assemble and never need replacing.

SVS SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminal

    •  24K Gold plated brass spade or banana terminals for best electrical contact with bare wire and speaker and amplifier terminals.
    •  Precision machined brass body with electroplating finish for a solid build and substantial feel.
    •  Rubber grip and textured junctions for easy assembly.
    •  Internal teeth grab and bind with stripped speaker wire for long lasting and robust contact.
    •  Works great with SoundPath One Speaker Cable or other speaker wire as large as 10 gauge.
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