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A Hack For Your Home that Can Save Your Life!

"When added together, the time costs of manual tasks we perform on a daily basis within our home is astounding!" -KMR

Anyone who has owned an irrigation system understands the general benefits of automation. These systems can be set to turn on during specific time of day, account for rainfall, seasonality, length of watering, etc. Once set-up, the system works autonomously! No more staying home to manually turn off the water, moving the sprinkler to different segments of the yard, forgetting to turn off the water (and overwatering), well…you get the idea. 

Home Automation provides the similar conveniences for redundant actions that unknowingly cost us hours/days/years of our lives when added together! Security, lighting, entertainment systems, blinds/curtains, garage doors, fans/Air Conditioners and much more can be automated to your lifestyle preference freeing you up for things that matter most! Home Automation used to be thought of as something wealthy people do, like Bill Gates’s famous mansion (, but that’s simply not the case any more. The cost of home automation solutions and the user-friendliness of said products have made these tools much more accessible and affordable for the general public. This being said, homeowners can benefit from a professional service to explain all of the available options, install the products, program the user profiles, and provide maintenance and support. 

There are several mistakes you can make when installing home automation products which we outlined here in a previous blog (, so working with someone that fully understands the technology, it’s limitations, and how to utilize it seamlessly into ones home is critical.

So how does this save your life? When added together, the time costs of manual tasks we perform on a daily basis within our home is astounding, and by automating these menial tasks, we're free to attend to that which is most important.

KMR has provided expert home automation services since 2010 and guarantees each install for life! As a leader in the industry, KMR ensures that the installs are done right and the clients understand how to use the products fully. For a list of reference clients, click here.

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